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The Innocense

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She could barely think straight. Her were arms tied securely behind her back. Her legs spread far part. The constant sensations on her body were taking her to places she had never been before. Her labia and clit were swollen from all the orgasms she was experiencing. But is there a limit?


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Gummi Girls
Gummi Girls

When Mistress Irony tells Cheri to lube her dress, so she looks beautiful and shiny for that nights events, she is meet with a less then enthusiastic response. Needless to say Mistress is not very pleased with Cheri’s lackadaisical attempts, smirks and overall disobedience. What is a Mistress to do? Punishment is always the answer. Punishment and rewards. It’s worked wonders for eons….

Welcome To The BDSM Arena!
Welcome To The BDSM Arena!

Description: Sicilia is back in the hands of Master Eric, this time bound naked to a very uncomfortable bdsm platform. This thrillingly creative scene includes a relentless fucking machine performing double penetration, cropping, breast play, paddling, anal insertion, oral sex, and hardcore pile driving, all wrapped up in multiple screaming orgasms. Sicilia really shows her stamina and resilience in this film, and what an enthusiastic bdsm submissive she has become!

Hanging Around
Hanging Around

Bella and Shiva are two girls in the mood for a candle lit romp through the dungeon of Wasteland Studios. Strung up and exposed, Shiva finds herself in a precarious position. Bella is never one to let a good thing pass her by, takes full advantage of the situation and applies hot wax to all the sensitive parts of Shiva’s body. A generous application with the horse hair flogger, a little insertion, pussy worship and non stop orgasms.


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