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Over the years, Ashley Renee has established herself as the premier model and actress of the bd/sm genre, delighting viewers worldwide. Having appeared on the pages of Penthouse, Hustler, High Society and winner of "Miss Bondage World", Ashley's career quickly moved into the film.  To date she has appeared in over 140 bondage, s&m and hardcore films and is easily one of the best known adult stars in the industry. 

Read on for a bit of inside info on Ashley Renee, some images of her, and doorway to her great new website.

How did I get started in the adult industry?
My best friend, at the time, worked as a Playboy Bunny. She said they were looking for two "new" bunnies, I thought "great!!". Little did I know 700 girls would be trying out. First we were interviewed, we were carefully watched as we spoke, the second call back, they carefully analyzed our body-language. Guess what? I did get the job. And besides all of that, we had two months worth of training. That was my first introduction. From there I was featured in magazines such as Penthouse, Hustler, High Society, etc. etc...

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How did I get my name?
My first job ever was working with Simone Devon. She asked me what my stage name was. I wondered to myself "What's that?" She just replied, "You need a name that you want people to know you as, What's your middle name?" I responded, "Renee". "Well, I always liked the name Ashley," she said, "And Ashley Renee sounds classy." So there you have it. Simone gave me my first job and my name... Thanks Simone!!

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Do I enjoy my work?
I love what I do on and off screen. To me it isn't work at all. As long as the other people I'm working with enjoy it too, we have a blast. Once in a while I'll be working for an S and M company and the other girls don't like what they're doing, they are just there for the money. That intimidates me because they really don't want to be there. If I didn't believe in what I was doing, I'd have a hard time having others believe in me also.

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What do I plan to do when I retire from the adult industry?
I've accomplished so much in my life, so to tell you what really would make me happy is simple. I believe life ultimately is about families, a sense of security and belonging. Ultimately what we're all looking for. I would love just taking care of that responsibility. To be able to have that- a place to call home with my family would make me the happiest girl alive. (of course I would still need my website, (smile)).

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Are people in the adult industry concerned with AIDS?
Absolutely. We undergo testing every 30 days for AIDS and now the industry has cracked down even more. Especially since the recent AIDS scare. When someone comes down with AIDS everyone they worked with for the past 3-6 months is contacted and then tested. I know I am really concerned with diseases and am very careful who I work with. Although right now I do mainly bondage work and there is little risk involved there since there is no penetration with another person.

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What's my favorite bondage position?
That's such a hard question. It changes all the time. If I know I'm making someone happy- I love the position. I guess I don't have one single favorite position. I just like to know that the visual of what I'm doing is turning you on. If that is happpening, then that is my favorite position. Whenever I work for a company like HOM, Lyndon, Bon Vue, or LBO it's just the rule --any suspension or hard position is saved for me. A. because I love doing them and B. because I love to be pushed to my limits. But what I always say "What's hard for most people is easy for me, and what's easy for others is hard for me".

What kind of scenes do I like to do in S & M movies?
I love suspension, I love the feeling of being off the ground, knowing there's no way for me to get down. I also love blindfolds, not knowing what comes next, hearing my breathing getting heavier and heavier and my heart pounding is the most euphoric feeling I can imagine. Except of course if there's hot wax being dripped on me at the same time.

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