Lesson 4

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When Seated, mouth to mouth, arms against arms, thighs against thighs: this is "Kaurma" The Tortoise). If the lovers' thighs, still joined, are raised, it is "Paravartita" (Turning). 

If within the cave of her thighs you sit rotating your hips like a black bee, it is "Markata" (The Monkey). And if, in this pose, you turn away from her, it is "Marditaka" (Crushing Spices). 

She sits with raised thighs, her feet placed either side of your waist; "linga" (penis) enters "yoni" (vagina); you rain hard blows upon her body: this is "Kshudgaga" (Striking). When your wife sits with both knees drawn tight to her body and you mirror this posture, it is known to experts in the art of love as "Yugmapada" (The Foot Yoke). 

Seated erect, the lovely girl folds one leg to her body and stretches the other along the bed, while you mirror her actions: this is "Yugmapada" (The Feet Yoke). 

If, with left leg extended, she encircles your waist with her right leg, laying its ankle across her left thigh, and you do the same, it is "Svastika" (The Swastika)*. 

*An ancient good-luck talisman based on the symbolism of a cross whirling sun-wise. The Nazis used it the wrong way round, whirling widdershins, and the Indian pundits always said this was sacrilegious and would doom them.

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