A Little About The Page Designer...... 

My name is Kiko Lee and I am pleased to bring you the following Juxtaposition of Lesson From The Kama Sutra and The Art of Japanese Erotic Rope Bondage.  I am in my 3rd year as a graphic design student at New York University (the really stupid looking photo of me to the left was taken by an ex-boyfriend just after I broke a heel from my shoe in Soho - not very funny at the time, but in retrospect, I actually like the shot!)  The nice folks at Wasteland have taken me on as an apprentice internet graphic designer and fetish photographer, and these pages are my experiment in developing a full service bdsm scene club on the internet. 

Being half Japanese and half Hindi (Indian), I have always had a fascination with both the erotic writings of early poets, as well as the beauty of Asian bondage photography and practices. The pages herein are in their infancy, but I will be adding a lot of Erotic Fiction, photography, experimental films and a VRML interactive virtual dungeon in the near future to my new site, The House of Japanese Bondage. 

I hope you enjoy my work! 


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