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Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire:  Stylish Bondage and Fetish...
The original BDSM/Fetish Mega-site. Tens of Thousands of Movies and images with full access to archived content since 1994. Extensive original, exclusive and privately commissioned videos and galleries. How-to articles, lifestyle links and weekly newsletter. HBO says "A darkly elegant and exotic site, moody and mysterious - Wasteland is clearly the best bdsm and fetish zine on the Net". 750,000 photos, 10,000 videos, live chat, free personal ads, bondage lifestyle resource guides and more!
BDSM Hardcore: Extreme Bondage and S&M...
Looking for real Hardcore Sex, BDSM and Fetish dungeon videoconferencing?  BDSM Hardcore presents thousands of bondage, S&M and hardcore features  with  the kinkiest sex acts ever broadcast over the internet!  If Hardcore Sex and Extreme Fetish is your taste, stop wasting your time and money on softcore junk and check out this private video screening rooms and XXX action. BDSMHardcore features Explicit Sex, Fisting, Flogging, Water Sports, Teen Training and More.
Hentai Bound: A library of BDSM Hentai Movies, Galleries and Games
Welcome to Hentai Bound. We know how difficult it is to find fresh and original high quality BDSM Hentai Movies and Artwork, so the producers of Wasteland.com have compiled this library of award winning works for your enjoyment.
Forbidden East: Asian and Japanese XXX Bondage and Erotica...
The Best in Asian Porn and Erotica. 20 Live Sex Shows, FREE Hidden Cam Videos, X-Rated Videos with Sound, 4,000 Erotic Sex Stories, 30,000+ Of Hot Photos, E-Zine Adult Magazines, Online Shopping, Cyber-Fold Girls, Naughty Chat Rooms, Plus Much Much More. 
Sins Of Time: 100 Years of Erotica Collection
From the 1860's to the 1970's, this site features a massive collection of historic erotica photos and early adult videos. Of particular interest to the vintage porn aficiando is our massive collection of 1940's and 1950's wartime and post-war pinup and hardcore photography and undergound films, all archive museum quality and rarely seen anywhere before. We also present a fully unedited version of the famous stag film in which Marilyn Monroe appeared in prior to beginning her Hollywood career.

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An Erotic Journal For Women, By Women. All New and Original Content.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1.

"Professor Blackthorne is an arrogant prick." That's the first thing I thought upon meeting him. Sure, he's smart and educated up the wazoo, but he's far too full of himself. He's one of the most annoying people, I think: a know-it-all who really does know it all. Unfortunately, his course was required for my graduate degree in ancient history, so I'd have to put up with him.

I'm intelligent, I'm opinionated, and I'm used to getting my way. But I didn't get this far in academia by cursing out the faculty. So, I kept my mouth shut through his self-important lectures, his slanted, patriarchal view of history, and his peculiar classroom requirements (I haven't had to ask permission to go to the bathroom since I was in elementary school).

But when the "good professor" had the gall to give me a B on my dare I say brilliant midterm paper, I went straight to his house. I didn't care if it was 10:30 at night or if the visit was unexpected; I was going to be heard.

Professor Blackthorne was grading papers when I arrived. Suddenly, I felt quite nervous. I hadn't wanted to admit up until that point that I found him kind of intimidating. Nevertheless, I took out my paper and demanded that he change my grade. "I don't know why you seem to have it in for me," I said, "But I know and you know that this paper is better than a B. You are messing up my GPA, and I would like for you to change my grade to an A." There, I said it. For a few moments, I was aware of my heart pounding in my chest.

Professor Blackthorne gave a small smile. "I'm sorry, Miss Heartbreak, but I must say, the B I gave you was kind. Your research was shoddy, your arguments flimsy, and your prose as muddy as a swamp. In fact, the only reason I didn't fail you outright is because you seem to show some small, glimmering degree of promise and I didn't want you to get completely discouraged."

I was utterly shocked. No one had ever spoken like that to me before. I ripped up the paper right in front of him and started to leave the room. I didn't need this kind of treatment. I was going to write a letter to the head of the department. No, better than that, I was going to call the head of the department. I--

"Would you come back here, please?"
Ah-ha! Maybe he came to his senses, finally, and he's going to apologize for giving me such a poor grade and being so rude to me. You see, you just have to stand up for what you believe in this world. "Kneel."

A burst of adrenaline shot from my heart down to my pussy and ricocheted off the pit of my stomach. It was like a switch was flipped. From some far away place I wondered why it didn't even occur to me to say no. I slowly sank to my knees on the rich carpet. He looked at me appraisingly. In his eyes, I saw challenge, authority, power, and even kindness-- enough kindness that I knew he wouldn't harm me. He took off my glasses slowly and gently. He might as well have blindfolded me. Vulnerable now, all I could see was a blurred version of his face. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that I had an early class tomorrow, but that was becoming less and less important...

"Lie across my lap," said Professor Blackthorne, quietly, but in a tone that sent a shiver of fear through me. Doing so, I felt absurd and awkward-- anything but sexy-- in my "finals-crunch" outfit of sweats, T-shirt and sneakers. I was anticipating something painful, but felt strangely disappointed when he landed a couple of spanks on the outside of my sweatpants. It didn't hurt. I just felt silly and embarrassed for him.

Balancing my hands on the floor, I started reading the titles of the books in front of me and thinking of how my roommate and I would have a good laugh when I got back to my apartment. Maybe we could even start a rumor that Professor Blackthorne was a pervert. I wonder if that would get him canned. Nah, he probably has tenure--

My sweatpants were slowly being pulled over my ass. Oh my goodness. What underwear did I have on today? Oh no, my ugly flowered granny panties. How humiliating. Suddenly, there came Professor Blackthorne's flat hand slapping against one of my asscheeks. With only thin cotton to protect me, I gasped. It stung. Before I had the chance to think about it, then came another slap. I whimpered. And then I felt a hard swelling of the Professor's erection, pushing against my ribs from beneath. He was getting turned on, hearing me whimper in pain. Slap! This time it landed just under my ass, on the tender skin of my back upper thigh. It stung and I squeaked in surprise. I squirmed and tensed up, feeling his cock get even harder. (More....)

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The Stockroom
JT's Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys. They have been selling bondage gear on the internet since before the world wide web existed. The online catalog features 1100+ adult products, including safe sex supplies, a large selection of bondage, BDSM and electrical gear, books, magazines, etc. You'll also find product photos, interactive ordering, an erotic photo gallery, and a free chat room.

Most Creative Category. Chosen for unique editorial style and original conten

Dark Perfection - Free
Dark Perfection is a free photo-illustrated guide to gothgirls on the web. Original photoshoots, often the first time these girls have ever shown a little flesh, with bios, contact information a nice messageboard and other fun erotic goth features.

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    Lariena's BDSM and Fetish Fiction Forum
    Wasteland Model Lariena's fun pictorial fiction site. Fresh, witty and poignant material.
    Sins of the Flesh: Adult Fiction - Free
    Our Large Free Sex Story site. Well worth the visit! Hundreds of  original stories in many popular, kinky categories.
    Kiko's Kama Sutra
    An interesting juxtaposition of asian bondage and selected text from the Kama Sutra.
    Aaron's Bondage and Fetish Photo Gallery
    Wasteland model Aaron's funky photo and fiction site. Lifestyle submissive from Australia - Interesting site.
    BDSM Erotica by Catholic Guilt
    Hardcore bdsm and bondage illustrated erotica. Free!


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    Dark Perfection: Fetish Pictorial Reviews - Free
    Wasteland's Free Pictorial Guide to Fetish Performers, 

    Dominas, submissives, photographers and GothGirls.
    Punishment of Angie
    A wasteland original film and photoshoot. Watch a tender young french girl be torment by her Mistress!
    Arizona Bound
    A kinky, sexy and entertaining romp through the southwestern desert with bdsm/fetish personalities Suki and Tesha.
    Wasteland PicPost
    Just what it sounds like.....:)

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