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Wasteland - The Dark Side of Desire - Review
This site has everything. Gorgeous design, high quality pictures in every category I could think of.... femdom, watersports, bondage, vintage... dozens more categories. They have fiction, some of which was really good. They also have how-to's, shopping guides, resource listings, among other things, this site really covers everything.

BOSTON MAGAZINE... offers a huge collection of of people bound in pretty much everything that someone could conceivably be bound with! The site also features S&M movies and fiction, sections where people can discuss the various aspects from physical to metaphysical of the BDSM lifestyle, as well as places to meet professional dominatrixes. (plus, T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland", illustrated with S&M photographs - what a concept!)

"This site is a pay for view site, but I must say it is worth every penny! This gallery of sorts is panelled with beautiful and erotic imagery; compared to the slut trash you seem to find everywhere else, Sensual lighting and expert photography - Fetish, bondage from mild to a little more exotic... Continously updated so I hear. A whole section on "how to" Japanese bondage is journaled with delicious pictures of trussed up asian women. * In line with our feature exhibition in BONDAGE (Nov-Jan) If you like photographs and thoughts that evoke the essence of Dominance and submission, it is portrayed here! I strongly recommend the exploration of a fairy tale like walk (of the exit to eden variety) , through wasteland's vast pages."

"The Darker Side Of Desire" reads the index page of the Wasteland and indeed it is a darkly elegant and exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic content that it is impossible to cover it all in this brief review. Succinctly put, if you are into all the various aspects of stunningly gorgeous women bound for love or submission, you'll love this site. In their Dark Garden Gallery you'll find an archive of thousands of images for those with special interests, such as piercing, clamps, penetration and fisting. Then there is Kiko's Kama Sutra, a rendering of the classic Hindu love manual with glowing Asian bondage photos. Want something a little lighter? Try their Betty Page gallery, a marvelous collection of rare photos of the delectable Miss Page bound for pleasure. Looking for something unusual? How about the Wasteland collection of pony girl images from Eastern Europe--nude girls with halters and bridles pulling chariots driven by whip-wielding Amazons.

I love a man who's handy so how about a little handyman stuff? Wasteland has feature articles on "How To Build A Dungeon" and "BDSM 101". There is also a very large power exchange fiction feature, a real time chat room feature called The Pit Of Madness, an archive of BDSM resources, a guide to the best dungeons in your area, AVI movies, extreme bondage images, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. You know, rather than just writing about the Wasteland, I think I'll go back in. Maybe I'll see you there, big boy, when the whip comes down!

If you decide not to join us for this issue (BDSM Magazine), you may want to check out Wasteland, a very good BDSM/fetish site, and one that I am a member of. Ms. Duvall - Editor.

Members & Web Surfers Comments

Dear Wasteland,

I just wanted to say that the staff at Wasteland are some of the most courteous, helpful service people I have encountered. In addition, your website is "top-notch". When I had a problem with the address on my credit card, Skye was very
helpful in resolving the problem. One might say "Yeah.. because they just wanted your money", but I have come
across far too many rude service people, in various industries (to which the same statement might apply) to believe that to be the case. I was previously a member of Wasteland, and one of the reasons that I joined again (besides your high-quality pictures, and presentation) is that Wasteland is a dependable, trustworthy internet site. I have encountered many problems with unknown/unauthorized charges showing up on my credit card. I have NEVER had any concern in regards to Wasteland.
Your Website is top-notch, your pictures are high-quality, and your presentation is superb. Cudos to Wasteland.

I would like to offer my heartiest compliments on your work here at Wasteland. Rarely do I see such pleasant dedication to ones work as is evidenced here. As you are so keenly aware, most other sites of this type are maintained at a fraction of the level as is yours. They are generally characterized by poor quality photographs, lack of attention to problems with their server, frequent outages and little, if any focus on the evolution of the site. Wasteland is clearly the best of it's kind anywhere on the Net. There is a spirit of joy and interest that shines through in every part of the site. Thank you for the joy this site provides. It is greatly appreciated. - Mark S.

This web site is perhaps the best as well as the classiest web site that I have ever been to. I am a member of several other sites that deal with sexual content, after seeing this site I believe I'll be terminating my membership to those sites. ..I highly recommend this site to all the people I know. A True Fan Of Yours - Craig S.

A truly superb site, with beautiful web site design and high quality, artistic photographs. Your site truly defines the difference between sleaze and erotica. - Ivri

"I very much enjoyed your web site! Eroticism is the foundation for BDSM and for D/s. Thank you so much for what you've accomplished". - Marshall

"Hi there, just a quick note to say that I have been surfing the net for a couple of months and to be honest, I have found it highly over-rated... that is until tonight. I found you site so erotic and yet tasteful. Anyways, thanks again". - R. Ward

"Hi, I stumbled upon your page while surfing for info on BD/SM & thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, I don't usually make myself known when surfing, but your site inspired a comment" - Maurice

"you have the best customer service in the industry, thanks" - Colleen

"Your site is refreshing & well put together... . I live with my mistress/sub in a loving vanilla world spiced with fetish and b/d. keep up the great work Wasteland" - B and H

"I just looked at your web site and it's great"
Thanx again, kevin, from south wales in the u.k.

"Hello, Wasteland! ...BTW, I love the Galleries on your web site. Great stuff!"
Thanks from a member! - Al, League City, Texas

"Just wanted to tell you, your articles/stories were great!" - John

"Great Site! "
Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. - Bill

"I came across your website and, being a friend of BDSM myself, I very much liked not only the pictures, but also the stories and "how to" section. this is one membership that is well worth the fee" - Yours, Salsa

"Just wanted to thank you for putting up such a wonderful web site. Your picture galleries are terrific! (great quality) Please keep up the good work" - Roger


from a very satisfied member. - irish

"I loved your site. I have been involved in D/s for some time...." - William

"Very interesting site. Not like most of the web sites you find out there. Have a good day. bye" - Dtrant

"This is one of the sexiest and erotic web sites I've ever seen. Just great" - CG

"You're in a league of your own Wasteland!" - zoltarian

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